13. helmikuuta 2012

Inspiraatioteksti: I Love My Weight Gain thefrisky.comissa

"And so I went along, quietly disgusted by my new body with its chubby arms and dimpled thighs and belly that stubbornly, relentlessly refused to suck in.

Until very recently, when I tried on an extremely tight dress, as a joke, just because it was ridiculous and I would never really wear it and only skinny people were allowed to wear things like that, and … I looked amazing. I looked curvy and sexy and spunky and daring and amazing. And I looked that way BECAUSE of my weight, not in spite of it.

Frankly, I was stunned. I didn’t know how I’d missed this happening. I’d been so busy thinking that weight gain was pretty much always bad news, and that sexiness was pretty much the property of skinniness, that I’d missed out on my own beauty.

Let me be real here: I hadn’t turned into Marilyn Monroe (or Lindsay Lohan doing Marilyn). I will not be doing any plus-sized modeling anytime soon. My boobs are still small, and will probably stay that way, no matter what. My arms are generous, my butt is full and proud, my belly is round. And I look good."

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